Saturday, August 14, 2010

Packing Tips

Today I wanted to discuss some basic packing tips.

Most people seem to over pack when they go away. This can lead to a much harder travel experience because you either have to pay someone to handle your bags or cart them around yourself.

When it comes to packing you first of course need to take into account the needs while away. Obviously if you need many different levels of dress you will end up packing more than can be comfortable. But in general, less is more.

Many of your destinations will also allow cheap and easy shopping options. This usually does not come into play until you're revisiting some place but can always happen. Going to the Caribbean or Hawaii or a casual summer destination can easily lead you to pack a couple day's worth of clothes and then shop for the rest of your needs.

Other options to help you travel light is on the electronics front. Purchase of a IGO power system can help you save wires and space. The system comes with interchangeable power tips to fit most to all of your devices and use the same cord. This will save you quite a bit of space and weight once you have your Kindle, Phone, Travel Phone, Laptop, etc.

Packing light will make everyone feel better on your trip. Almost any where you go, you will be able to buy what ever it is you feel you need and left home. This alone should help you relax and leave more at home.

The golden rule of packing. Pack as lightly as you can and then take half out.


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