Monday, May 23, 2011

All Inclusive: Value or Not

This post will cover reasons why all inclusive resorts get so much play and what we feel is the real value of them.

As with everything these days, sometimes "all inclusive" does not really mean all. There can be tipping, drink upgrades, excursions, and other add-ons that add to the cost. This is true of just about every one I can think of at least partially. This is especially true of the mass market cruise lines that will sometimes think of themselves as an all inclusive vacation.

What I like about all inclusive resorts is the convenience of it all. I like that you can walk around without needing your wallet. You can feel free to try new drinks or foods without worrying about not likely an over priced drink or meal. With some resorts like Sandals and Beaches you have access to non motorized water sports including diving. You can try a sea kayak and see what you think before paying $100 per person on a cruise excursion.

You do pay a premium of course to be in an all inclusive. And this can sometimes be very steep. You have to decide if the added values are a real value for you. Your travel agent can help you decide this. Are you not a drinker? Likely the added cost of an all inclusive resort will not be of benefit to you. Do you just want to relax on the beach? You could possibly find other resorts to fit. These are examples of reasons to possibly look elsewhere.

Remember. The more information you give to your travel agent, the better they can do their job and pairing you up to your dream vacation.


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