Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cruise Moments

Today I wanted to share some inspiration for your cruises. This is one of my favorite moments on a cruise where at that moment there was no where else that could have been as nice.

We had taken a 9 night Thanksgiving cruise on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas. This included 4 sea days and 4 ports. Labadee Haiti, Semana DR, San Juan PR, and Charlotte Amalie St Thomas. It was our first time being in all of these places and we were looking forward to being away alone for Thanksgiving.

Well things do not go according to plan always. Two of our ports were washed out due to weather and they were able to get us into Grand Turk on Thanksgiving day. Grand Turk is a Carnival owned cruise port and typically only a stop for Carnival owned cruise lines. This meant we were going somewhere special. And special is would become.

To get into Grand Turk you have to swing around the north east corner of the island and come back down to the south west end on the west side of the island. This means you'll be within view of the island for a good hour while getting to the pier. Yes that is one of the benefits of Grand Turk. You come in to a pier.

On Explorer of the Seas, or really any of Royal's Voyager Class ships, you can sit on the pool deck but still be undercover from the sun. Every other window opens to let in fresh air and a breeze and the beach chairs are quite comfortable. Add in being alone with someone you love and a couple of frozen drinks and life truly doesn't get any better. You can truly enjoy relaxing and watching the world slowly pass by while still filled with anticipation for the new and exciting. Little did Liz know how new and exciting Grand Turk would be.


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